Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is STOHR?
    Stohr is an online Human Resources Store that aligns small businesses with legally mandated HR regulations and best practices through unlimited access to essential HR templates, policies and employee training. We offer a unique automated HR document generator with a built-in natural language processor that makes the process of requesting and generating HR documents instant and easier than ever. Stohr allows small business owners to minimize their liability, achieve legal compliance and take back control of their business. All these features are available at one (1) low annual cost of $1,999.00 that provides unlimited access for an entire year.

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    What is HR Templates?
    HR templates include essential letters and forms that are typical from one business to another. We standardized these documents and generated and general template that capture the general intent of the documents and made it available for businesses to use. All you would need to do is download the template that you need, customize it to your needs and use it in your business. Even better, you can now take advantage of our automated HR document generator and request your documents through our live chat to download the ready-for-use documents instantly. Contact us for details.

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    What is HR Policies?
    Our HR policies are geared towards the legislation and best practices within the province of Ontario in Canada. It is essential that all businesses develop and implement policies and procedures in their workplaces to either reinforce the mandated rights and responsibilities set by the Ministry of Labour and the Employment Standards Act or to establish additional by-laws and regulations that are unique to their own workplaces. Our policies are updated regularly to reflect the current employment laws and best practices in the province of Ontario in Canada.

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    What is Employee Legislated Training?
    All employees in Ontario, Canada are required by the Ministry of Labour to go through basic employee training to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. STOHR provides the generally required training material to support companies with being legally compliant with their employee training responsibilities. Our training webinars include, Harassment & Discrimination, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and Health & Safety

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    Where do you operate?
    STOHR is proudly Canadian. We are based out of Ontario, Canada. We currently do not provide services outside of the province.

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    Do you offer any other services?
    Yes we do. We have a team of Human Resources experts ready to support with any HR project. Because it is hard to anticipate the nature of the project and the work that would be required to execute the project, we cannot provide pricing online. Please contact us to discuss your project and obtain a quote.

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    Can I cancel my subscription?
    We would hate to see you go but we won't hold that against you. We understand that the business needs constantly change so if you have to cancel, your subscription will not be renewed automatically but you will still be able to enjoy our service for the remainder of your subscription period.

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